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Handmade Bamboo Furniture's

 All Kind of Mudha Furniture's Available At Wholesale Price !!

Chairs ||  Stools || Mudda || Table || Laundry Basket || Racks


Movable and light-weight


Fine Quality and Reasonable Price


Mudha chairs gives Royal Indian culture and traditional Looks.


We offer Best Price in Delhi


Bamboo Mudha Furnitures

Hand-crafted design gives traditional looks which gives impress and attractive to customer on bar, resturants , hotels , cafe bars etc. Contact us for latest prices and Enquiries  


Bamboo Mudha Sitting

Natural Eco-friendly Comfort

Small mudha for sitting and enjoy with your family and friends in indoor and outdoor.Durable with well furnish and comfortble for sit.Handmade by villagers people.

Cane Bar Stool Frame 

Durable & Multi-functionality

Cane rope stool which is hand-woven seat with natural materials. Add to your home to look contemporary and decor living space.You can put cushion on it for more attactive. Easy movable , light-weight,bright colours.

Bamboo Mudha Chair

Traditional & Superior Quality

Bamboo mudha chairs set with Fine Quantity, Long life eco-friendly comfort. Mudha chairs gives feeling of Indian Western cultures.Hand-crafted by craftmens with traditional way. Mudha have backside support so that people sit relax completely.

Happy Customers

Minali Ginwali

“Natural handmade comfortable sitting. We use during tea time. “


“Frame muddha is amazing with fast delivery. I use in my Balcony. Thank you !!”


“Superb comfortable mudha frame .My kids is  using for playing  outdoor !!“

Mudha Chair Bamboo Cane Wooden Stool Furniture

Mudha Chair Bamboo Cane Wooden Stool Furniture If you want Durable Handmade furniture which last many many years in half of the price you should check out Bamboo mudha which is local handicraft in india”s largest state Utter …

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Opportunity to work together and grow together

In Craferia Export we believe grow together, as we make the products we supply our beautiful products to Retail Stores, Vendors and Resellers who wants to colloborate with us and sell our products to make money and grow together.

Mudha Chair Bamboo Cane Wooden Stool FurnitureRead More »

Laundry Basket
Laundry Basket

Bamboo handmade Laundry Box

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natural mudha chairs
natural mudha chairs

Natural Mudha

Natural Mudha Furnitures at Wholesale price. Get All kind of mudha chair, table , stools, basket and more ....

Reviews from Hotels and Restaurants

Thank you Craferia Export !! Our restaurant looks traditional looks after placing bamboo mudda furnitures.

Service and quality of bamboo furniture is good! Also thank you for making our restaurant look elegant and classic.

Event was great !. After Placing the Mudda furniture it enhance the look. Also Craferia helps a lot in our events not just for furniture but in other services also.

Bamboo Furnitures Set