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Eco-Friendly Most affordable Cotton Bags by Local Craftsmen.

Since the world is changing fast due to Global warming or Pollution, we as a responsible business people or consumer need to make or use Eco-friendly products or goods only to help our environment.

Basis which Cotton bags are biodegradable and pollution free easy to make and can be done by local people craftsmen, which generates employment for Indian small villagers.

That’s our motivation to great a company which promotes only indigenous products to give employment to villagers and promote Indian cottage industry to overseas. We craferia Export helping Indian handicraft and Indian small scale industry.

Changes –

Not criticizing leather Fur or rexine products but leather comes from skin of animals like buffalo etc we need to act responsible and we should not say to these products as entire US and Europe saying no to fur and leather.

This change we all need to adapt happily.


There are so many people on this Era still using plastic bags which is so harmful, you can not imagine please do not forget that cotton is grown without using any pesticides and very friendly for local population.

If you also have the same mission to help our local villagers local people to help them

so that they can also get some employment and get education for their next generation please contribute by ordering something from our website or order on What’s-App 8373915568